Shared Brand


Join the cluster and gain:

  • a new reliable brand
  • access to advanced ICT laboratories
  • comfortable financing
  • attention from decision makers
  • reliable partnerships


In Wklaster we strive for excellence in cluster management. We join efforts to build the professional image of our organization in order to empower the brand of the region and member companies. By participating in our activities, your company gains recognition across new markets in Poland and abroad.


Hungry for more?

Support one of our social missions:

  • Discover talents
  • Shape the region’s strategy
  • Hold technical or business consultations and trainings
  • Support our events: match-making, workshops, prototyping sessions, hackathons…
  • Invite IT students and graduates for internships
  • Endorse communities: Geek Girls Carrots, Tech Clubs, Science Nights, Business Cafes, Erlang, RuPy, Java User Group, Adobe User Group, GTUG, Meet PHP, TEDx, PAUG…
  • Push forward free code and open data
  • Consult key documents: Regional Intelligent Strategy, Poznań 2030 Strategy, Key National Clusters, EU Digital Agenda…
  • Cowork with local and national governments

„…Wielkopolska ICT Cluster is the leading IT cluster in Poland.”

Deloitte Benchmarking

on behalf of Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

“…our positive relations and advanced business-related talks with Wielkopolska
ICT Cluster, in the area of ICT technology transfer from science to business.”

Chandra Olivier De Keyser

Director, Internationalize-IT, New York, USA

“Wielkopolska ICT Cluster was benchmarked according to a benchmarking approach developed by VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH. By participating in this benchmarking the cluster organisation has expressed its interest in striving for cluster management excellence.”

dr Gerd Meier zu Kocker

European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis

Inspire and get inspired!

Join our everlasting inspirations:

  • We host IC gurus
  • We run ZOO Coworking  Space (with 100 events per year)
  • We animate 16 communities around ICT
  • We organize VIP ICT Inspirations in collaboration with Poznan International Fair